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Here you’ll find all Downloads like Rules and Report Documents for free download.
Hier findest du alle Downloads wie Regeln und Meldeformulare zum freien Download.

Download Newest Rules of the Test Season / Neustes Regelwerk der Testsaison (.pdf)

Download Submission Form for Results / Meldeformular für Ergebnisse (.pdf)

Download Submission Form for Melee Results / Meldeformular für Melee-Ergebnisse(.pdf)

Download League Logo (.png)

Rule changes/Clarification that are not in the PDF yet but already valid:

– All fighters may participate in the League (not only Knight’s Crossing fighters)
– All League Fights must be held in the Lands of Knight’s Crossing (plus Parasol War III in Ad Flumen)
– To take League Fights on an event, there must be at least 4 Fighters present who do at least 1 League Fight each.
– The Winner of the Season shall be declared „League Champion“
– The Chivalry is encouraged to take part in the League but may not win the „League Champion“ title
– The Test Season will not end at Investiture 2016, because it is too less time. It shall end someday in 2017.

Approved by the Sponsor: 21.02.16 Richart von Brandenburg